Made In Africa 

African designers are known for their use of bold colors and versatile fabrics to create a form flattering look.  Who are our top 6 African designers manufacturing in the motherland?  Keep on reading to find out! 

Christie Brown

Founder / Lead Designer 

Aisha Obuobi

Founded in 2008 by Aisha Obuobi, Christie Brown is known for it's bold-colored, contemporary women's clothing.  Apparel is manufactured in Ghana and sold on a pre-order basis. 

Price ranges from $160-$600USD.  View the latest collections online and keep up with the Christie Brown collection on Instagram for all of the latest fashions.   

christie brown the balloon signature tro
Christie brown embroidered bustier dress
christie brown midi cocktail dress with
Christie brown embroidered lapel blazer.


Founder / Lead Designer 

Sophia Danner-Okotie

Founded in 2008 by Sophia Danner-Okotie, Besida is a Nigerian curated and manufactured clothing line known for it's bold African prints infused with modern trends.  Besida provides women's clothing and accessories.  The brand is also a manufacture of face masks used to combat viral virus'.

Price ranges from $15.99-$169USD.  Shop the collection online and keep up with the latest Besida fashions on Instagram.   

besida the reesa dress.jpg
Besida dahlia cowl neck dress.jpg
Besida dahlia mini skirt.jpg

Deola Sagoe 

Founder / Lead Designer 

Deola Sagoe

Deola Ade-Ojo founded Deola Sagoe in 1988 while working as a designer with her mother.  Since then, her clothing line has grown to become known for vibrant colors and versatile fabrics and textures.  The brand specializes in customized haute couture from everyday clothing to bridal wear.  View all collections online and keep up with the latest Deola Sagoe couture designs on Instagram .  

dola 3.jpg
Deola Sagoe.jpg


Founder / Lead Designer 

Christelle Nganhou

Founder / Lead Designer 

Michelle Nganhou

Twin sisters Christelle and Michelle Nganhou founded Grass Fields in 2013 after reuniting in their home-state in Cameroon.  They have built a brand that employs female seamstresses in Cameroon, Nigeria and the UK using African sourced textiles.   This budget friendly brand brings classic form fitting designs at a cost guaranteed not to break the bank with prices ranging between 12-120EUR.  The brand is also well known for the array of head-wraps offered.  Shop the online and keep up with the latest Grass Field threads and more on  Instagram .  

grass fields tapiwa maxi dress.jpg
grass fields sophia headwrap.jpg
grass fields thamini shorts.jpg
grass fields bessi maxi.jpg

Lion Cloth and Ashes

Founder / Lead Designer 

Anissa Mpungwe

Tanzanian born, Anissa Mpungwe founded Lion Cloth and Ashes in 2008 and has since appeared in fashion week's around the globe.  This brand caters to the every day woman looking to throw in  a hint of edgy spice into her daily looks.  Offering a price range from $17-$396USD, The brand also features designs for men and children and has recently started a line of face masks to assist in global efforts to ease the spread of viral diseases.  Shop the South African curated collection online and keep up with the latest Lion Cloth and Ashes fashions and updates on  Instagram .  

Lion cloth and Ashes - Dahlia Jumpsuit.j
Lion cloth and Ashes - Asia shirt dress.
Lion cloth and Ashes - Tina Dress.jpg

Taibo Bacar 

CoFounder / Lead Designer 

Taibo Bacar

Co-Founder / Lead Designer 

Tatiana Ismael

Founded in 2008 by co-founders Taibo Bacar and Tatiana Ismael, the Taibo Bacar brand is a Mozambique based brand that offers the perfect mix of classic looks and current trends to their timeless pieces. Taibo Bacar is a haute couture brand specializing in women's clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, and swimwear.  Shop available collections online and keep up with the latest from the brand on  Instagram .  

Taibobacar valentina dress.jpg
taibobacar cross suit.jpg
taibobacar rowala dress.jpg
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