3 Ways Vlogger Susie Lae Defines #Confidence

1. Mental Health

There is often a stigma in the black community, particularity within the African community, that remedies mental health through prayer alone.  Susie boldly and openly breaks this stigma by openly discussing her journey in therapy showing the thousands that follow her that it is okay to admit that you need help to work through past issues in order to move forward and lead a healthy adult life.

At the age of 26, Susie Lae has acquired 104K YouTube subscribers, over 55k instagram followers, and most importantly a devoted husband and life partner that stands by her side through all the ups and downs life has to offer.  How is Susie defining confidence?  Keep reading to find out!

Vlog, after vlog, Susie emulates the beauty in submission as she interacts with husband.   She openly discusses  the path traveled towards the healthy relationship she has with her husband, Rowland, today.  Susie admits that her up-bringing in a Nigerian household allowed her to witness a form of submission, but she has had to work to defining the "S" word according to her relationship with her husband.  As many women, Susie initially fought to maintain her independent, "I don't need no man" attitude, until she realized that submission is trust; submission is love.  Today, she takes pride in cooking for and serving her husband.  She takes pride in being sexy, yet keeping it classy as a sign of respect for her husband, showing the thousands of followers she has acquired through her years in the influencer spotlight, that submission is  sexy. 


2. Body Image

In June of 2018, Susie took us along on her Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) journey, as she worked to regain her physique after a prior miscarriage.  The hour-long vlog, documented her journey from the time she packed, while she prepared for the surgery and post op proceedings / at home care.  Seeking to show her audience both the good and the bad of getting this procedure, Susie spared no details of both the pain as well as the highlights of the journey.  Why do this you ask? Well, for this vlogger, it was important to share the dirty truth behind this procedure to prepare her followers contemplating going under the knife.  More recently, Susie has continued this full disclosure type attitude in her latest series of her journey to flawless skin. 


For more on this #confident queen, stay connected with Susi Instagram and be sure to head to her YouTube channel for vlogs and makeup and hair tutorials! 

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